In 2005, we also included pizzas from our wood-fired oven in our offer. We prepare it from plain or full grain dough.

Pizza Les 1 small

Meat pizzas

Navadna (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham) 8,80 €
Les (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, homemade sausage, bacon, leeks, olives) 9,90 €
Pikantna (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham, kulen, hot peppers) 9,90 €
Kraška (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, smoked ham, horseradish, olives) 9,80 €
Čateška (tomato sauce, cheese, homemade sausage, horseradish with sour cream, egg) 9,80 €
Meksikana (tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, red beans, corn, chilly, fresh peppers, nacho cheese) 9,80 €
Calzone - prepognjena (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham) 8,80 €
BKP_7303ok smalpizza

Vegetable and cheese pizzas

Vegetarijanska (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, fresh peppers, fresh tomatoes, corn, gherkins, artichokes, olives)
9,40 €         
Margerita (tomato sauce, cheese) 7,80 €
Summer pizza (tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, mozzarela, young spinach, capers and young cheese) 9,90 €
Pizza veliki goban (tomato sauce, cheese, porchini mashrooms, fried egg, trieste sauce, sour cream) 10,10 €

Morska pizza_small

Seafood pizzas

Morska (tomato sauce, cheese, mussels, squids, gamberi, shrimps, olives, trieste sauce)
10,50 €    
Tuna (tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, sour cream, artichokes, olives) 9,80 €
Pičiči podgorjanski_small

Pizza little different

Pičiči navadni (pizza slices with cheese; tomato sauce, tartar sauce and nacho) 8,60 €
Pičiči Les (pizza slices with bacon, leek and cheese; tomato sauce, tartar sauce and nacho) 9,20 €
Family pizza (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham)
23,80 €    
Family mixed pizza  27,50 €
Mini children's pizza "Little Highlander" (tomato sauce, cheese, ham, hot dogs, corn) 7,20 €
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