Green key

Dear guests, welcome at Guesthouse Les. We wish you a pleasant stay at our guesthouse. We would like for you to remember it by a pleasant experience. In 2021 our business has received the environmental eco-label »GREEN KEY«, the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. Businesses are committed to respect and follow high ranked criteria set by FEE - International Foundation for Environmental Education. With this label, we are committing to:


  • act environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business,
  • inform and educate our visitors, guests, friends and family about the meaning of a sustainable operation and
  • constantly aiming for new solutions for within responsible management with natural resources and efficient use of electricity and thermal energy.
That kind of operating is mostly beneficial for natural environment. In most cases it is about small precautions which for an individual don’t represent a significant resignation to their comfort. All we need to do are simple small changes. If we all try hard enough, we can change the world to a better place for us and our future generations and leave it to them as we received it from our ancestors. That is why as employees we are committed to responsible behaviour towards environment. We encouraging our guests to do so too since awareness plays a big part of receiving the eco-label “Green key”. We would appreciate your effort to follow advices for acting environmentally friendly so we can all contribute to preserving our environment. We would also be pleased to hear your suggestions and observations. We will take them into consideration as much as possible and make sure to pass your message on to competent institutions.
We thank you very much for your cooperation!

Our environmental sparks

Let’s consume water for drinking but let’s be aware of the amount of water we use

To maintain a quality life an individual consumes in average 80 litres of drinkable water daily. In Slovenia average consumption is 130 to 200 litres of drinkable water per household member. For only one toilette flush we throw away 2 to 8 litres of pure drinkable water. An average Slovenian household daily consumes 6 litres of drinkable water for cooking.

We are proud to host you in environment that can provide drinkable water! In Slovenia we have at our disposal a high-quality clean water!

Conscious waste segregation

We segregate waste according to instructions in to appropriate garbage containers / bins and never to the nature or into drains. Those waists are polluting the groundwater and other sources of drinkable water.

Let’s try segregating wastes in correct containers.

Minimize the use of plastic

Presence of plastics poses a great risk to environment and human. In 2017 in Slovenia, we produced 987.151 tons of wastes which is 478 kg of non-recyclable wastes per resident. In a year time an individual in Slovenia uses from 100 to 300 plastic bags which he only uses for few minutes un to one hour. Because we produce more and more plastic worldwide from which 6,4 million tons ends up in the environment, plastic parts that enter live beings has a big impact to quality of our lives.

Let’s try to avoid plastic bags for single use.

Make sure to turn off the lights

We are using LEDs / energy saving light bulbs. It’s important to turn off the light when we don’t need it. That is how we contribute to lower electricity consumption and environment preserving.

Let’s reduce our carbon footprint

Our building has a quality isolation and energy efficient windows. By closing doors and windows in summertime we prevent areas warming up so additional air-conditioning is not needed. This way we are efficiently reducing our carbon footprint.

Let’s quickly ventilate the room in the morning and in the evening.

Let’s enjoy the wellbeing of local nature and our cultural heritage

In our surroundings nature and cultural heritage are extraordinary. Explore it, feel it, experience it, taste it! You can get all the information about sightseeing, experiences, gastronomy and local costumes at our info point at the reception desk and also on our smart TVs. In case you need additional information, please turn to our friendly staff.

Let’s explore the surroundings with environmentally-friendly mobility possibilities

Our area is perfect for cycling and hiking. Every trip made with bike or by foot instead of car is an environmentally friendly gesture. Did you ever think about how our experience changes if you use a bike instead of a car? From close you can feel, smell and hear the experience. We can open up to the locals and get in touch with them. This is the only way to truly experience the places and people we visit. All the information about the possibilities of bike rentals and different cycling and hiking trails are available at the reception desk.

We make sure that we use detergents and water for washing in eco-friendly way

All over the world, hotels are using tons of detergents and millions of litres of water daily for washing towels and beddings that has only been used once.

Of course, beddings and towels get changes at every exchange of guests but during their stay they only get changed if the guests ask for it.

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