Seasonal Menu

The selection of dishes we offer to our guests is changed twice a year. The menu consists of appetizers, soups, traditional dishes, meat and seafood dishes, pasta and risotto, pizzas, salads and desserts which will provide all the flavors with our varied offer.

Pokušina hišnih dobrot_small

Cold appetizers

Homemade pâté and pancetta 8,90 €
Homemade toasted bread with a spread of dried tomatoes, black olives and capers 6,90 €
Cheese plate (for two person)
16,90 €    
A taste of house specialities (for two person) 19,90 €
BKP_7116OK2 smal


Beef-broth with noodles 3,90 €
Mushroom soup 4,20 €
Daily soup 3,90 €

Pohana telečja jetrca s popečenim krompirjem

Traditional house dishes

Tripe 8,70 €
Roasted veal liver with boiled and buttered potatoes 11,60 €
Fried veal liver with grilled potatoes 11,90 €
Steak »Piroška-style« (pork / turkey / chicken) and roast potatoes 12,80 €
Goveja tagliata brez pribora_small

Meat dishes

Grilled beefsteak with green pepper and young cheese in corn crust
29,50 €     
Beef tagliata on fried vegetables with Parmesan and balsamic beads 28,90 €
Grilled rumpsteak in porcini sauce with mustard seeds and homemade rolled dumplings 18,90 €
Cevapcici and kajmak alla calzone 13,40 €
Chicken shish kebab with grilled mixed vegetables and French fries 11,70 €
Mesna plošča Les_small

Dishes in pair (for two)

Meat plate Les
(turkey cheese roll, fried pork fillet, rump steak in sauce, fried potatoe foll, roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, grilled champignon mushrooms)

39,00 €                       
Fish plate Les
(grilled trout fillet with roasted almonds, grilled squid, fried squid in whole wheat corn flour, grilled scampi, garlic potatoes with spinach, tartar sauce and trieste sauce)
39,00 €

Homemade pasta

Spinach mafaldine with zucchini sauce and shrimps 10,50 €
Beetroot mafaldine with porcini and Krško polje pork 10,40 €
Spelt fusilli with tomato sauce and fresh burrata 10,10 €
Caserecce with roasted red pepper sauce and spicy sausage 10,10 €
Tortiglioni Bolognese

Children's portion
9,30 €

6,90 €
Pumpkin Fusilli with chicken and asparagus 10,10 €
Homemade gnocchi with gorgonzola and fried onion 10,10 €
Risotto with grilled vegetables (with chicken or with grilled young cheese) 10,20 €

Squid and fish

Fried squid 10,40 €
Grilled squid 11,40 €
Fried squid in whole wheat corn flour 10,40 €
Grilled squids stuffed with young cheese and trieste sauce 13,10 €
Trieste-style trout in whole wheat corn crust 13,90 €
Sea bass fillet with crunchy polenta and buttered vegetables 14,10 €
Domači svaljki_small

Side dishes

Potatoes (roasted, boiled, fried, grilled) 3,20 €
Homemade gnocchi 4,20 €
Rice 2,90 €
Stir-fried vegetables 3,90 €
Homemade pasta 4,20 €
Grilled vegetables 4,60 €
Solata s piščancem_small

Salad bar

Salad small 4,30 €
Salad big 5,60 €
Čatež salad
with fried chicken »alla piroška«, chickpeas and olive oil with lemon flavor 
10,40 €
Čatež salad
with young cheese, zucchini and grilled mushrooms with mustard dressing
9,60 €
Čatež salad
with grilled squid, capers and homemade garlic croutons
9,90 €
Šmorn z domačo marmelado in domačim jabolčnim kompotom


Kaiserschmarrn with homemade jam and homemade apple compote
6,90 €   
PANCAKES (homemade jam / chocolate / nutella / nuts) 4,90 €
Panna cotta with fruit topping 3,90 €
Apple panna cotta with walnut crumble 3,90 €
Homemade tart 4,20 €
Ice cream Les with toppings
(fruit, chocolate, caramel, m&m's, chocolate chip, hazelnuts, almonds, speculaas and oreo cookies)
3,40 €
Baby ice cream Les 2,10 €
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