Are you a lover of nature and green mobility?

Cyclists are well taken care of here. Our place offers beautiful cycling routes, if you are ready for a more extensive trip into the heart of the surrounding hills or just a light spin of the pedals.
  • The day starts with energizing breakfast, which we offer 6 days a week.
  • If you decide to explore our destination more greatly, we offer rooms and apartments.
  • An unexpected accident on the way is not a problem. You can find first aid for your bike at the reception.



Cycling routes

Secrets of the brown-yellow sand

The cycling route takes you to the Štajerska region. Through the Dobrava lowland forest and over the steep sand hills, all the way to the Bizeljsko vineyards and grapevines. The path descends into the Hudina Valley and brings you to the Terme Čatež at the edge of the Jovsi natural monument.

Hear the Murmur of the Mokrice forests

The cycling route takes you through Mokrice forests, which are enchanting in all seasons. Ponikva offers a beautiful view far across the border. At the foot of the Gorjanci Mountains, the path leads back to Terme Čatež.

Wandering in the land of cviček

The cycling route takes you along part of the Podgorjanci wine road to Gadova peča. It climbs the slopes of the Gorjanci Mountains, past vineyards and temples, where the Cviček wine is made. You return to Terme Čatež along the lower course of the Krka River.

Eagle's tour

The cycling route passes the confluence of the Krka and Sava rivers and descends to Vrbina near the Brežice Castle. On the northern side, it climbs to the Orlice massif. The church of St. Gertrude offers an unforgettable view. The path descends past the Pišece castle, to the village of Pišece, and then past the vineyards to the hillsides and back to the valley.

Water tour

An easy circular family tour, with the starting point in Terme Čatež, which leads past the confluence of Sava and Krka and Lake Brežice.

Bizeljsko's ribbon

A demanding circular route, more suitable for electric bikes due to the steep climbs.

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