What to see?

Goblin Čatež was part man, part goat. It had horns, long ears, a beard, medium size figure and an oldish face. People have seen him sitting on the rocks above the village and warming on the sun. If you are lucky, you can still see him today beside the hiking or energy path leading to the church of Saint Vid.



Vineyards and repnice

Wine, the sun and smiling people – concepts from wine-growing region of Posavje. If you fancy a taste of the region in its essence, you must visit the authentic vineyards and the cult repnice, hand-carved sand cellars which were used for storage of harvest. Nowadays they are mostly tourist sights and a place to store and age excellent wines which are always accompanied by home-made treats and funny stories from the hosts.


Brežice, Brežice Castle and City Hall

The little town in the flatlands, fastened between the hills that bound the confluence of Slovene river pearls, rivers Sava and Krka. The place where history has been written at least since 1241 and where city throb is happening at the heart of historical streets and castle, where they have known and appreciated excellent wine for a long time and where song is their companion, where tourism has been at home for a long time and where you are introduced to the complete offer of the municipality and the region.

Brežice castle

Kostanjevica cave

Kostanjevica Cave lies at the foot of the Gorjanci hills, a diverse karst terrain with cretaceous limestone. Rain water, subterranean watercourses and tectonic movements spent millennia creating dreamlike cave formations with fairytale motives.
The footpaths in the cave are suitable for children as well as older visitors. A guided tour with explanation lasts 40 minutes. The constant temperature in the cave is 12 degrees Celsius.


Čatež ob Savi

The oasis of water experiences and good feeling
Čatež ob Savi with Terme Čatež and surroundings offers a wide range of possibilities for spending your holiday days pleasantly regardless if you want to spend them actively or leisurely. It offers the exploration of natural beauties through vineyards by bike, rowing on the river Krka or even on foot through hidden paths of Čatež to the church of Saint Vid where a pleasant view spreads over near and far surroundings. You can continue your journey through Podgarjanska wine road where you will discover all the secrets of our Cviček.
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